What My Clients say…

Barry Phillipson, Smart Therapy Ltd

Paul Hinks, Brand Central UK Ltd

Graham Todd, JCF Ltd

Jo Payne, The Air Ambulance Service

I have worked with and watched Rob work on a number of occasions. What impresses me most about his work is his keen ability to tune into the deep structure issue(s) that his client is working with. It is easy enough to make generalized interpretations of issues, but Rob goes well beyond that in gently and graciously guiding his clients to the source of their issue and from there assisting them to access their own resources for personal transformation. He pays attention to the detail within the bigger picture and uses his NLP skills impeccably. I trust Rob and know that when he engages with his clients, he is wholly present and able to use his extensive experience and NLP tools to achieve significant outcomes

Gene Early, PhD
Senior Partner, Early Leadership Solutions, LLC
Co-founder, UK Training Centre for NLP
Co-founder, Genomic Health, Inc.

My coaching sessions with Rob have been extremely enlightening, I have found out more about myself in the last six months than in my formative years. His positive influence has enabled me to view things differently and react to situations accordingly, not only in my personal life but also in business. I feel he has really “brought me on”, developing and bringing to fruition great ideas for the business, whether it be improving staff performance to increased production techniques. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rob for business coaching

David Dunlop, Operations Director, Formation Media Ltd

Offloading my worries with you helps, as you bring a new way of looking at worries and making them opportunities or using them as motivation. Working with you has brought out the best in me. I’ve grown so much as a person and learnt so much as a business owner. All of this was new to me and your help over the past year has been so worthy. Just wanted to thank you for all you have taught me and brought out things in me I never knew were there

Tayla O’Sullivan, Director, Sweet Tayloula Ltd

I first spoke to Rob a couple of years ago having followed him on Twitter for a while. He was involved in the Landrover turnaround and certainly has an agile business mind. We caught up again recently and we resumed a conversation about how best to take my business forward with a revised model.

With his coaching hat on, he is very clear thinking and quick on his feet, summarising rambling explanations, which I seem to specialise in, boiling ideas down to the nuts and bolts. And when his proposal didn’t quite gel with some of my criteria, no worries, the approach was quickly modified.

He is an easy going guy and easy to talk with, but make no mistake, he has a very professional approach and by the end of the conversation, I could see much more clearly where I was heading, and how. No accident! Rob had made sure I systematically ticked the boxes that mattered – my vision of the future of the business , the issues faced now and going forward, and the solutions or possible solutions. What more do you want from a mentor!

I will definitely be returning for more coaching from Rob.

Andy Chrichton, Traditional Painter

Great Coach – great business brain.

Beth Chadwick, Engagement Programme Manager, Bentley Cars

Rob Cameron has volunteered to come to Myton School as a Guest Speaker on numerous occasions to speak to students about entrepreneurship as a career path and to share his story to success. We have been thrilled to invite Rob back to Myton year in year out as he is a fantastic speaker who can successfully relate to the teenage audience, presenting his story in an accessible way to his audience.

I would highly recommend Rob as an industry speaker and would welcome him back to Myton as his contribution enhances the provision of careers and enterprise education giving our students a competitive advantage in these fierce economic times.

Mrs Eva Foster, Enterprise Coordinator, Myton School

Rob is a great asset to me personally as a business coach. He has two talents that rarely go together – he’s very organised AND creative. Significant gains in my business are attributable to him directly. If you are not sure of the benefits of his work, trust this note and use him, you won’t be disappointed.

Mark Hewett, Director, Intelligent-Land Profit Enhancement

On four separate occasions over September/October 2009 I had one-to-one coaching sessions with Rob to discuss various challenges I faced in the setting up of my new business venture. Rob’s guidance enabled me to focus on defining my USP’s and my services for my Business Plan. His subtle encouragement allowed me to think outside the box when considering the different ways in which I could promote my business and his friendly and enthusiastic approach to our sessions gave me more confidence to believe that my targets were achievable. Rob’s structured approach and experience in identifying the barriers allowed me to determine my next steps/strategy in overcoming these challenges. Rob encouraged me to set realistic deadlines during the above steps, which really helped me to focus and to prioritise the work I needed to do. As a result my Business Plan is now more rounded and complete and my web-site is well on it way to being ready within the deadline I have set. I’d happily recommend Rob as a business coach.

David Hourihan MSc FRICS, Director, Hourihan & Hourihan Property Consultants

Rob is a a highly skilled coach who facilitates very effective discussions that enable the coached to understand concerns and develop solutions to them, without judging, or predetermining a particular course of action. Instead he is able to ask open questions and construct the conversation so that the other party reappraises the subject from alternative perspectives before developing their own ideas for action. Rob is a versatile coach who is able to apply his skills across varied subjects.

Fayad Husain, Product Planning, Jaguar Cars

Rob has worked with me over the last 6 months as a mentor and advisor. Rob’s advice, encouragement and insight has been invaluable. I am really pleased to have worked with Rob and the results exceeded my expecations. I have no hesitation in recommending Rob as a business mentor or personal coach. Thank you Rob, looking forward to a long rewarding business relationship.

Keith Kelly, PA Group (UK) Ltd.