Success leaves clues

When I look back over the years and the endeavours I have been successful in, whether that be professional, academic or sporting there are a set of common threads, such as

I knew what it was I wanted to achieve

I had a plan of what I was going to do to achieve it

I had identified the people and resources I needed to involve

I had a clear reason why for doing it

Likewise when I look at the things that haven’t worked out, a number of factors are highlighted that contributed to the unsuccessful endeavour

A lot of people say that you shouldn’t look back


Well, I believe it is because they do not want you to have regrets and remorse

And to an extent I agree


On the other hand the successes we’ve had and the things that have not worked out in the past put a spotlight on valuable information for us.

They can help us to identify, for example

what we are good at (strengths)

what we may need to improve on or seek help with (weaknesses)

environments where we have succeeded or not

values and beliefs that can help or hinder us

So today I offer you the first step in the 5 step process that I made reference to yesterday to help you RAPIDly help you to achieve more in 2017.

The first step is to REFLECT or to run a RETROSPECTIVE process.

The invitation is for you to go back over the last year and identify

  1. The things, big or small, that you were successful at
  2. The things that did not work out as you planned

For each, consider and record what it was, what you did towards it, what contributed to the success or it not working out.

To get the most from this exercise, be honest with yourself about the situation and the factors that contributed

Tomorrow we’ll move on to step two