lessons learned

A time for reflection and new starts

This time of year presents a festive hiatus to the usual routines of the year and with the New Year comes a traditional point for new starts and resolutions. Not that is this is necessarily the only time we should; I tend to think that perhaps you should be continually renewing, focussing on and setting yourself new challenges and goals. However, traditions are what they are…

2014, how was it for you?

In the sentiment of the paragraph above… here are a few questions that I pose for you to do your own reflection and review…

As you look back over 2014…
• What have you achieved?
• Which of the goals or resolutions that you set off into the year with have you actually achieved?
• What behaviours, characteristics, and strengths did you use to achieve these things?
• What have you learnt as a result of these achievements?
• What did not go so well? What did you not achieve that you set out to do?
• What stopped you? (Behaviours, characteristics, weaknesses)
• What can you learn from that? What can you do to tackle those so that they do not stop you in the future?
• What might you do differently next time?
• Where did you really surprise yourself?
• What is your biggest achievement of 2014 and how are you going to celebrate it?

So, on reflection how has it been for you?

How much would you like to make 2015 better?