What is your Intention?

In the last post we talked about the POSSIBILITIES and PRIORITIES phase of the 5 step system.

Today is a short and to the point post, it is now time to turn those top 10 priority items into INTENTIONS, otherwise known as GOALS.

I chose to use intentions as it made the system acronym work better 😉

Now most systems that I’ve seen tend to talk about setting goals using the SMART system

S- Specific in what you want to achieve

M – Measurable. You have a clear measure of what achievement is

A – Achievable. You have to believe that you can achieve the outcome otherwise you are likely to give up

R – Relevant to the outcomes that you want to achieve

T – Time bound. Have specific timeframe in which time the goal will be completed

That system works, however, I like to consider a few other things that contribute to the setting of well formed outcomes.

  • Stated in the positive (what you want, not what you do not want)
  • Stated in the present tense as if already achieved.
  • Defined end result (evidence of fulfilment – how do you know when you’ve achieved/reached it?)
  • Sensory rich. What are you seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting
  • Self-driven and self-maintained – you are in control and not reliant on external people and events
  • Are you willing to pay the price to achieve the outcome?
  • Have a defined time frame

So for each of the 10 priorities you have identified go through and get clear and set your INTENTIONS.

In the next post we’ll go on to talk about the final and probably the most important step in the 5 step process…