Event/Programme Overview
Business Success Blueprint Seminar In any given industry or sector just 20% of businesses are making good revenues and profits. Those 20% are doing things differently and consistently that the other 80% are not. In this information filled seminar, we highlight 7 common mistakes that most business owners are making that stop them from being successful and what you can do differently to avoid those mistakes so that you can climb into that top 20% and stay there.
Business Success Blueprint Foundations Building on the Business Success Blueprint Success Seminar, in this intense 8 week programme we help you to develop the skills to build a solid foundation for success in your business. During each of the weekly 2 hour workshops a key foundation skill will be covered in detail. Through action planning on how you will deploy the skills in your business and reporting back to the course participants on your progress we will consolidate the learning and build accountability to maximise your results.
Best Year Yet! Too many people head into the New Year with a lot of wishes and resolutions that NEVER get achieved. Why? Because, they are wishes and good intentions and there is no plan or action; hence, the wishes and intentions remain just that. Imagine what a different experience it would be to head into the New Year with a clear idea of exactly what it is you are going to achieve and a clear plan of how… great feeling? Imagine just how great that feeling will be when you’ve achieved it too!
In this programme we’ll create your vision for 2014 and the plan that will get you there, with regular review points we’ll review your progress against the plan, celebrate your successes and develop your more detailed plan for the next phase. You’ll get support and encouragement the whole way from us and your fellow participants
Business Success Mastermind Being part of a Mastermind group is the best way to catapult your thinking forward farther and faster than you could when working on your own. Working with a group of like-minded progressive and ambitious business owners, you’ll be finding answers, breakthroughs, exploiting opportunities and tackling challenges with people whose ambition and drive matches your’s. It is a synergistic experience, the power of the “Mastermind” is the thinking power of the group is greater than the sum of the individuals present
Business Success Accelerator A bespoke 1:1 programme for serious business owners who want to accelerate their business success. Delivered through individual coaching, education and mentoring that is tailored for and focussed on you, your needs and wants for yourself and your business

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