[Ignite] New beginnings

Welcome to the latest issue of Ignite.

How have the last two weeks been for you?

It has been a busy period here, lots of great things happening. Amongst them, the preparations for the imminent “Ignite your business” event on 14th April have taken centre stage. This promises to be a great event, I am excited about it. If you can, come along an join us. I’ve also spent a fantastic day with the inspirational Richard McCann on his iCanSpeak bootcamp and a wonderful weekend in Bournemouth on the next module of my NLP Trainer certification. All great stuff!

New beginnings

As I write this issue, it is Good Friday in the UK; part of the wider Easter celebrations. Easter is widely symbolized by pictures of chicks and baby rabbits & associated with new life. The spring equinox occurred just over a week ago, buds and flowers are appearing on trees that have been dormant over the winter months and in the UK we are about to enter a new fiscal year.

All of these events, in one way or another, mark new beginnings. Over this period, take a little time to step back and reflect. What is going well for you and that you should keep on doing? What is not going so well and perhaps you would be better stopping? What are you not doing now that might bring better results?

Follow up

Following up is one of the most cited behaviours of successful sales people. It is often quoted that it takes 7 or more touch points with a prospective client, particularly for a high value product or service, to convert a prospect into a customer.

Recently I put out a request to my network on Twitter for recommendations for suppliers of a product that I was looking to source. My network responded well and a number of potential suppliers were given, many of whom were mentioned (using their Twitter @ names).

Given my opening paragraph in this section, imagine my surprise that not one of those people mentioned has connected with me, started a conversation with me or made any attempt to follow up on a ‘hot’ enquiry!

I am sure that the people mentioned, as businesses people, are looking to grow their businesses, grow their customer base and increase their revenues & profits. Given that, I am bewildered as to the lack of follow up. I have implicitly given them permission to contact me, I am open to a conversation and am in a position to buy something from them.

It can be hard enough in business to identify new prospects and develop new customers without ‘looking a gift horse in the face’, so I urge you to follow up on hot leads and follow up on the conversations & people that are already on your radar.

I recorded an Ignition Insight about this, watch it here

Thanks for your time, Ignite will be back in a couple of weeks

Until then…

To your success