Rob Cameron

I want a drink…!

I want a drink…

I was driving down the A23 on Friday night, about 8:30pm, on the way to Brighton for the weekend. Then… all of a sudden, I was consumed with the thought of wanting a drink (a beer)

So what? I hear you say, isn’t that normal?

Well, yes, I suppose it is and that was the norm for us when we went away for the weekend or on holiday. We’d travel, we’d arrive, throw our cases in the room/accommodation and then out to a bar to get a couple of drinks! It was the sign that the break/holiday had started!

My partner and I took the decision and made a commitment to stop drinking this year and see how much of the year we could go without having one. This wasn’t a Dry January thing; this was in recognition that we had got to the point where we were drinking just about every evening and we both felt that we needed to make some changes for our health and wealth.

Neither of us have had an alcoholic drink since New Year’s Eve and up until this point I had not wanted one, craved one or even been slightly interested in one. I’d even been to a couple social events, that are normally quite boozy, and I’d stuck to soft drinks or no alcohol beers no problem at all.

Yet, here I was driving to Brighton and I was!

So why was that?

Well for me, it is a habit… a habit that had become ingrained by the behaviour that I mentioned above. Go on holiday, get on the juice! A habit that had become associated with and triggered by holidays and breaks.

It was quite a revelation to me.

My question for you…

What habits or behaviours are you aware of that are not helpful or skilful for you?

When you think about it/them, what are you aware of that acts as a trigger?