What is success to you?

I am currently reading “The Rhythm of Life: Living everyday with Passion and Purpose” by Matthew Kelly. The chapter I am reading at the moment is titled “What is success to you?” which struck a chord with me.

For many years I suppose my definition of success was about getting on in a career, making lots of money and then spending it so that I could have possessions and symbols to demonstrate wealth & getting on in my career.

The thing is, whilst I was successful in getting those things they did not make me happy for long. It was great when I first got them but the thrill, the happiness of having them soon dissipated and I was then looking for the next thing to have, the next step to take, the next bonus and pay rise.

These things were all external to me, they were extrinsic motivations and those things tend to be short lived once they are achieved.

Looking back from where I am now, whilst I was achieving the symbols of success I was not actually doing things that I enjoyed.

I was working long hours in a job that I did not enjoy on the whole.

Each year the work and targets required to achieve the same levels of reward got higher and higher, demands to work longer hours and with advances in mobile technologies to be taking calls & answer emails whilst on leave became the expectation.

This is a long way from the freedom and choice that are at the core of intrinsic motivation and reward in my map of the world.

Now, my definition of success involves personal growth and development, being in a position to choose freely, being happy and centred, making a difference in the world and more. These revolve around things that I enjoy and lose myself in. Things that warm me to my core and make me feel centred and aligned.

In the book, Matthew Kelly writes that “True success lies in seeking to discover who you truly are… finding your own special gift, talent or ability; and developing that gift for the benefit of all.” So in this definition, success is no all about achievement it is also about contribution.

My invitation for you is to consider that take on success. What are your special gifts, talents and abilities? How might you develop these to benefit you and the world?

I believe that mine are building rapport, listening deeply, asking powerful questions for the purpose of helping others to discover, develop and step into their own story of a life worth living.

And that is my journey too 🙂