The truth will set you free

In most of the world’s religions and belief systems there is a version of the precept that the truth will set you free. In my opinion this is about such things as living in alignment with what is important to you at your core and being open and honest with yourself about your strengths, areas for improvement & more

And that is what we are going to look at in the second step of the five step process to help you RAPIDly help you to achieve more in 2017.

First… a quick re-cap, yesterday was about using REFLECTION and running a RETROSPECTIVE on what has worked for you and what did not go so well for you over the past year. I asked you to be honest with yourself, to look at what you did or didn’t do, what the circumstances were and what contributed to the results that you got.

And today, it is on to the second step ANALYSIS and ASSESSMENT. This is a quite a big step is as much as it contains a number of sub-steps which help you to identify key dimensions to your personal success.

In the first sub-step, go over the stories from the reflection and retrospectives in step 1. Identify what did or did not work and what was behind that? What have you learnt from those stories? What could you do more of, do the same level of and what could you stop doing?

Next look at areas where you have potentially limited yourself or got in your own way. These things tend to be unconscious behaviours so you will need to be open and honest with yourself and dig into them. After all, it is highly unlikely that you would consciously stop yourself doing the things that would contribute to the results you want! This could be things such as

  • ignoring what is important to you
  • things that you tell yourself about yourself, situations, other people
  • Giving away your power and not taking responsibility

The areas identified here will raise your awareness and give you the opportunity to get clear on what is important to you, make different choices and set up new beliefs and intentions

And what did these limits cost you in terms of your feeling about yourself, results, financially… take a good look into this and consider what the impact really was.

At some level each of these unconscious limits would have given you some form of benefit or provided a sense of safety, think about in what ways they might have done that.

The final thing for this step is to consider holistically who you are and the roles you play. For example, I am a father, son, brother, business owner, coach, cyclist, guitar player, author to name a few.

This opens up your awareness to all of the aspects and responsibilities that you have in life and to get clarity, direction and develop the strategies that will shape your actions and results for the future.

We take this information and use it in the next step that I’ll share with you tomorrow.