The Sound of Silence

The morning sky was still dark, it had rained a lot during the night so the roads were damp. Behind the clock tower of the old East Gate into Warwick, there were the first signs of the sun rising.

The palest of yellow, a hint of orange and shades of dark blue through to grey could be seen on the horizon.

The branches and twigs of the leafless deciduous trees reaching into the sky like bony fingers.

As I walked through the gate and down Smith Street, there was barely a soul around and no traffic that I recall.

It then struck me just how quiet it was. Not just quiet in the world outside, but also quiet in my mind.

Apart from the odd internal comment/thought of how beautiful the morning sunrise was, there was no other inner dialogue, none of the “what if…?” or “who are you to…?, there was stillness and calm. I was witnessing this from a higher place than the thoughts and dialogue that can buzz around in my head.

I also noted how different the whole feeling in my body was from the morning before. Today so calm, relaxed and aligned. Yesterday, tense, agitated and low.

What a difference a day makes.

On this walk, on this day I was totally present. I was in the present, just being.

No thoughts of the past and decisions, actions, choices that I had or hadn’t made and the what might have happened if…(I’d done something different) that when I get hooked into them bring sadness, regret, guilt.

No thoughts, either, of future decisions, actions and choices. No questioning or pondering the what if… it doesn’t work or it doesn’t go as you want, those are the ones that bring tension, anxiety, fear.

Both bring with them the niggling inner dialogue, wittering on, questioning, bating, making hindering statements that are accompanied with the feeling low.

No today, it was silent, calm, peaceful; feeling at peace and grateful.

I noted the same sense of stillness and calm when out with the cycling club, touring the lanes of rural Warwickshire. Just present, taking in the natural beauty of the sights, sounds and smells of nature. In the present, living and enjoying the moment for what it was. Experiencing the now. No thought, no dialogue, no need to be anything or anywhere other than being in that moment.

And how beautiful that is.

I am grateful for those times today, and that same sense that is sitting with me right now as I write this. It is this state that I reference and use as a benchmark for being in alignment.

I know that when I sense tension, the inner dialogue kicks in or I get fixated with something that there is something for me to explore and work on as I am not in a place I want to be. That is my invitation and one that I accept readily as it helps me to do the work and bring me back to this place.

When are you in this place of ease and grace, where you are in flow? What do you notice when you are not there? What are the situations or environments that trigger you? I invite you to explore this and become aware. As it is in awareness that we can create the space for us to choose differently.