Mind your language

First thing this morning I was feeling tired and a little space out. I had woken at around 3 a.m. and had struggled to get back to sleep. A combination of perhaps one seasonal tipple too many at a social event I attended last night and some peculiar dreams contributing to an unsettled few hours before the alarm went off. Which isn’t necessarily good preparation for the day ahead.
A dark and dreary start to the morning did nothing to lift my energy and after having done the school run I could have happily curled back up in bed and gone back to sleep. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. Well, that is not strictly true as the choice was mine but the consequences of taking that path were not attractive.
Luckily for me, although perhaps I didn’t know it at the time, I was dialling into a call with three other coaches. it was the first time, for a couple of months, that I had connected with the group beyond a few WhatsApp messages.
The call was a freeform event, with each of us sharing where we are at right now, what is coming up for us and an opportunity for us to model and to learn from each other.
During the call I noticed how different I was feeling, how my energy was rising and how I was sharing my insights and knowledge in an authentic way. The conversations and sharing flowed with ease and grace.
A very different experience to what I perceive to be the struggle of creating and sharing content sometimes.
What I noticed was the difference between times when I think I should be, have to and need to be writing or creating in another medium and the experience today.
Today, I was sharing my truth, my messages, my insights and knowledge with a group of peers. I was sharing freely in a ‘safe’ environment. I wanted to share.
The call was providing me with time and space to energetically connect with and share information with the others on the call.
There are a couple of key insights from this for me.
Firstly, the difference in energy and enjoyment between having to do something, thinking you should be doing something and needing to do something compared to coming from a place of wanting to do something. The first set are generally externally driven activities, a pressure is being exerted on my (either real or perceived) to be doing something. The second is generated from an internal want and desire to do something. To me, the first is a repressive force the second a liberating force and the energy and state around them is very different.
The second, the impact that being in the ‘right’ environment, around the ‘right’ people can have. I mark out right, as right tends to be a judgement. I use it here to highlight that the environment of the call and being connected to this group was a powerful and positive experience. And in that environment some great ideas flowed, new projects were borne and energies were lifted.
And these are the insights and learnings that I took from this morning:
1. Mind your language. Be aware of the language and attitude which I use to approach tasks and situations
2. Give consideration to and work to create the time, space and the environment to allow me to be my most creative and productive.
I’m sitting here thinking to myself, well yeah they are fairly obvious but how often do we do that? I know I can and do ‘sleep walk’ into my days and do not always give the time and attention to consider these.
How about you?
My invitations to you today:
1. To be aware of the language you use around tasks and notice what is different if you change have to, need to, should do into want to, like to etc.
2. Become aware of the impact of the environments and the people you surround yourself with on your energy and state