It’s all about the doing

So here we are, step 5, the final step in the 5 step process that I have shared with you to RAPIDly improve your chances of hitting your goals and targets for 2017.

Today it is about the DOING! Yes, all about taking action and the rubber hitting the road.

All the good thinking work, planning and setting intentions will be of little or no use unless you actually get on and do the work.

In the steps to this point, you have come up with a lot of ideas and decided on the initial 10 to go after.

In order to make sure that you get focus on them and time to do them ensure that you set aside time to do monthly, weekly and daily planning. Block out time.

Set intentions for each day, ask yourself what 3 to 5 things can I do today that will assist me to make progress on my goals.

Review the results you are getting, I suggest you do this as part of your weekly and monthly planning. Are you ahead, behind or on target? If you are behind, what might you do to get back on track?

When you hit your goals, celebrate your success and record the WIN. Doing that is a great confidence booster and helps to build momentum.

Also, it may be useful to find a ‘buddy’ who you can work with so that you can support each other, spur each other on and celebrate wins with.

As you hit and cross off goals from the first 10, review your next up list and look at what goals you can promote to your top 10 to keep the momentum and progress going.

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”  Joel A. Barker