A Christmas Tale

As I drove through Town over the weekend, the Christmas Market was on.

There were people busy getting their Christmas shopping done.

Going down their lists of what to get for whom, buying Christmas presents, cards to send to people on their Christmas card lists.

Getting early food shopping done, getting items of their lists of festive fayre to make the festive season a culinary delight. 

The thing that struck me was that at this time of year people tend to get super organised and have lists and plans for all the stuff they need for a good Christmas.

That got me to thinking about the weekly shop or next year’s holiday, these again are things most people tend to spend some time planning for.

And that usually ends up with them getting what they want, either in terms of a full larder and fridge or a great holiday experience.

But, the thing is, in my experience not so many spend anywhere near as much time or any time at all planning their lives and particularly what they are going to achieve next year in the other areas of their lives.

Just imagine how different life might be, if some thought and time were given to the other areas instead of handing them over to fate…

The thing is a lot of people get to New Year’s Eve and then with a glass of something in one hand and a few nibbles in the other, they pick a few things out that they are going to change, be, do or have in the New Year.

This tends to be done on a whim, with no real thought or any kind of plan behind it.

And then as the reality of the New Year hits the New Year’s Resolutions, on the whole, start to get broken or forgotten about and nothing changes.

In a survey conducted by YouGuv in the UK around New Year’s resolutions it was found that over 60% of New Year’s resolutions have been broken before the end of January and over 80% by the end of March. With only around 8% of people achieving what they set out to do by the year end.

Now, do you want to be more like the 8% rather than the majority? Do you want to make positive and lasting changes in your life in 2017? Do you want to head into the New Year with well defined goals, the plans and a structure to support them?

If the answer was yes… then over next 5 days I’m going to introduce 5 key steps that will help you to steal the march on 2017 and head into the New Year with a better chance of achieving what you want

Watch out for tomorrow when I will introduce the first of the 5 steps that will RAPIDly help you to achieve more in 2017