I’m grateful…

I’m grateful because over the past two to three weeks I have not been at my best, I have been generally tired, feeling run down and had a ‘pressured’ feeling in my head.
I hear you say, “Why are you grateful for that?” or “that doesn’t seem like something to be grateful for”
But stick with me…
I am grateful because it has given me a contrast to my usually energetic and lively self, to the self that has lots of ideas and creativity, to the self that is smiley, joyful and happy. Not that I haven’t been joyful and happy… just a bit low key.
The experience has given me the opportunity to do an amount of calibration; to further develop my ability to sense for myself (sensory acuity) where my mood (hedonic tone) is and to recognise the unhelpful thoughts that crop up when I’m low or tired. And to recognise those for what they are… my mammalian brain ‘keeping me safe’.
I am a great believer in there being a gift in every situation, whether that is a successful or an unsuccessful situation or outcome. There is always, yes a generalisation because I believe that to be true, an opportunity to look at the situation and the outcome and gain some learning and insight from it. This can then be used to inform future decisions and actions.
How do you approach or react to ‘unsuccessful’ outcomes and situations?
How might your experience be different if you were to believe there was and seek the gift of learning and insight that is available within it?
It can be difficult to step back from the situation when you are fully engaged in it to do this and that is where a coach or similar can help you to get new perspectives.