5 Things I’ve learnt this weekend

TuffoPerched on the edge of a shelf, like a Mexican cliff diver, things were precarious just one move or loss of balance and that would be it. Then it happened, a stretch too far and before I could reach it my iPhone ‘leapt’ elegantly from the bathroom window sill.

Time slowed. Before I had time to reach out my phone entered the toilet bowl exquisitely, never touching the porcelain.

The entry into the water was faultless, had Tom Daley entered the water with such aplomb from a 10 metre diving board I’m sure he’d have received a perfect score for that entry. Not a splash…

As my phone sank quickly towards the u-bend, I quickly reached in to recover it. Initially all seemed well, the screen was still on and there was no sign of loss of power… not for long though, the screen faded and then it was gone.

And so started my weekend and my learning and reflection experience.

I quickly contacted all of the people who might need to or want to contact me to offer them an alternative means to reach me and, in the course of that, was offered my first learning point – uncooked rice is a great absorber of water! The advice was to completely immerse my phone in dry rice and leave it for a day or two. The wisdom of youth. (And it worked, my phone is almost back to full working order!)

My second learning point is that things such as phones are only devices, their loss is not terminal. As with many things in life, whilst this was inconvenient and a potentially expensive incident it is not fatal. The device can be repaired or replaced. Yet I witness so many people acting as if they’ve lost their dearest relative or friend if they break or damage their phone/car etc.

And so to number 3, not so much a learning point I suppose as a social comment. I notice so many people who are so absorbed in their phones when they are with their loved ones or friends that they potentially miss the beauty of simply being present in the moment. When I was a lad, television was cited to be a destroyer of social interaction and family time but you left it at home. Now, with the ubiquitous nature of mobile devices, the charge lays squarely on those devices.

Number 4, was just how much more can be achieved with time when the interruptions of text messages, whatsapp notifications & other alerts are not pinging and/or flashing onto the screen of your phone and there is not the constant temptation to be distracted by a quick check of facebook, twitter or your email.

My biggest learning, and an observation, was how different my own reaction was to the incident. A few years ago when I had my first iPhone 3, one evening about a month after getting it, the phone ‘crashed’ and would not work. At that time, I was one of those people I mentioned in point 2; anybody would have thought that the world had ended! This time, I remained calm and took things in my stride.

The difference in my response, in how I handled the whole experience was a polar opposite. This ability to behave and react differently being as a result of my own development and my learning through my NLP journey. We, humans, tend to react automatically to certain triggers and stimuli, however, with increased awareness of state changes that occur and the impact those stimuli have it is possible to choose and strengthen alternative, more resourceful responses and states.

I am hosting an introductory NLP Exploration Day on November 7th, if you’d like to find out more about NLP and how it can assist you to be resourceful go here.