[Ignite] Memories are made of this

What a whirlwind the last two weeks have been. A period of many firsts, great experiences and events for me.

As I write this, I have just experienced the partial solar eclipse that the UK experienced at 09:30 local time. An eerie silence descended and the air cooled noticeably. The last time I witnessed a partial eclipse was in August 1999, my daughter was a few months old; after that day I had little reason to remember that day. Yet, as the day of this eclipse drew closer, my recall of the sensations and experiences came back to me as if it were yesterday.

Isn’t it amazing how association, smells, music, places or emotions can unlock memories; memories written into our minds by strong emotional and sensory experiences. That is something to consider when creating experiences that you want people to remember for life.

Breaking through…

As I mentioned in my opening line, the last couple of weeks has seen me complete a number of ‘firsts’; I have run my first webinar, recorded my first couple of ‘to phone’ videos, edited and published them and handled a snake & a tarantula for the first time.

All of those have broken through psychological and behavioural barriers that at some level were holding myself and my business back. I was aware of the inner tension and internal chatter that accompanied the actions that led to the ‘breakthroughs’, that if I had complied with would have halted  me in my tracks. Those reptile and chimp brain responses developed through evolution to protect and defend me that come out to play when I challenge myself to do something new that will enable me to grow and develop.

I have experienced first hand the impact of these responses in others during change programmes and how, without having full engagement and awareness of these potential hijackers, many personal and organizational changes fail.

I have also experienced the buzz, the elation and at times relief of confronting those responses and fears; breaking through those emotional and psychological barriers that has allowed me to grow, develop and achieve more.

What are you aware of that is potentially holding you back? What one thing, that if you could breakthrough it now would make the biggest difference in your life or business?


Be in the room…

Last week I attended a large business expo, it was and insightful event for me. I recorded a ‘to phone’ video soon after leaving, you can watch it here

The room had somewhere around 100 exhibitors from all walks of business; Law firms, accountants, marketing consultants, digital marketers, merchandise producers… I would guess all were there to make connections, build their prospect lists and potentially write some business.

That made my observation powerful. As I walked round, I noticed a significant number of exhibitors with no one (visitors) at their stands. Not only were there no visitors at their stands but they were sitting behind their tables on laptops/checking emails/checking social media/talking to their colleagues/talking to the exhibitor next to them* (*delete as applicable).

Is it just me or something? Surely, if you have paid for an exhibitor space at an expo where you are going to be exposed to a number of business owners who might just be in a position to do business with you, would it not make sense to actually be engaging with them?

A smile and a “Hello”, perhaps a “Where have you travelled from today?” or a “What brings you to the event today?” to break the ice might lead to a useful conversation, a new prospect or someone who can introduce you to someone else who may need or want your product or service.

I have found it useful, when I make such observations, to use the process of identification and ask myself the question “How is this true of me?” and “What might I do differently as a result of this?”. I have identified a few things that I can work on as a result of this such as engaging with more people when I am out networking or attending such events. What can you take from it?

What’s new…

It’s off to Leeds on Saturday 21st March to attend the #ICanSpeak Bootcamp with the human dynamo that is Richard McCann. A day that I am looking forward to and I know I will get a lot from.

The launch of enACT in Leamington Spa is coming together nicely. I can now confirm the venue as Audley Binswood Hall. The launch event will be held on Tuesday 14th April, 2015 from 6pm. For more information watch out for the next edition of Ignite or follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook.

I am pleased to announce that I have teamed up with two other “Warwickshire Lads” to ride our bikes from London to Paris in July to raise funds for MacMillan nursing. If you feel able to support us in this adventure by donating, our JustGiving page is live and can be found here. I’ll keep you up to date on our progress.

Until next time, have a great couple of weeks.

To your success