Keeping score

keeping scoreEach and every week I set out with a set of key actions, documented as a weekly action plan, for what I am aiming to achieve in the week. Many of those items are aligned and contribute to the achievement of larger yearly or longer term goals, thus achieving them means that I am getting closer to achieving the larger goals.

At the end of each week, I review what I have achieved, reflect on what I have learned as a result of that and what I might do differently in the future. In turn I review and take stock at the end of each month to assess where I am against the goals I have set for the year and take the opportunity to similarly reflect and take the necessary actions.

These activities allow me to assess where I am against my goals and targets for the year. At any time, I can be in one of three positions. I can be on target, ahead of target or behind target

In effect I am keeping score on how I am doing. By knowing where I am, I can take the necessary actions to get back on track if I am behind or how I might further accelerate activities if I am on or ahead of target.



How often do you review where you are against your goals and targets?
Have you got goals & targets for yourself and your business?

It is said that you can only control what you measure; if you have no goals and targets and are not measuring your progress towards them how can you get have any control in your business and improve your performance?