Choose wisely

Yesterday evening we received the news that the world has lost one of the, if not the, most influential person of a generation with the death of Nelson Mandela.

A man who stood firm with his beliefs and followed his vision and dream with passion and conviction. He changed the world and the lives of millions of people; he personified the words of another great man Ghandi who said “be the change you want to see in the world”.

We all have the potential and ability to change the world and lives of others; every day we touch the lives of others and make choices & decisions that may seem straight forward or mundane. Yet, with each we set a new direction for ourselves and the impact and influence we have on others.

We all have the ability to harness and access this power to change things for better or worse, if we choose to and choose to make a difference.

Coincidentally, I gave a talk to a group of year 10 students at a school yesterday. My primary message was about how their choices, decisions and actions would fundamentally determine the course and outcomes of their lives; I hope that they will take that message forward and look at the lives of the people who have changed the world and lives of millions such as Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jnr and see what impact dreams, vision, belief, action and resilience can have.

The world lost a great man yesterday but his legacy will live on for generations to come. Rest in peace Mr Mandela