Knowing is not enough

How often have you attended some form of training or educational event that has introduced you to some great ideas?

Then left the event full of great intentions and actually done nothing with them?

Does this sound familiar?

Too often nothing happens with the knowledge or skills that are presented or taught, because there are no goals set or commitment made to apply them and no follow up on them after the training.

To get more from the training we have a suggestion for you. Next time you attend such an event, to get maximum impact, set yourself a target of perhaps 3 to 5 things that you will take from the event and implement & set yourself a deadline by when you’ll do it. Share that with other people as well to add extra accountability. That will help to keep you going and actually apply the learning.

We shared this with the attendees at our Business Success Blueprint seminar recently. In addition to sharing the strategy, we also got each participant to commit in writing to 3 – 5 actions that they would take as a result of the seminar. We will be following up!

Remember… Knowing is not enough, you must apply!