Making it Happen 2013

On Wednesday 17th April, I was extremely lucky to be invited as a guest of Phil Jones to Kriss Akabusi’s Making it Happen 2013 event and what a fantastic day it was.

Everyday is a school day

I am a firm believer in lifelong learning and continuous development. Everyday presents us with opportunities to learn and grow both intellectually and physically.

Making it Happen 2013 was a brilliant example of just how much you can learn and take away from listening to people who have achieved success in their field or industry.

The proof of the pudding…

Being presented with information is only one part of the learning process, it takes application of that information and review to really make it work for you and stick.

That is where people tend not to get the real value from events and learning opportunities… not actually using or applying the information with which they are presented.

Making it Happen 2013

The event was hosted and compered by Kriss Akabusi MBE, as many of you will know, an accomplished Olympic athlete and a larger than life character. A man full of energy, enthusiasm and, gauging by the selection of people from charatible programmes present in the room, a great philanthropist.

Kriss’ energy was infectious and there was a great buzz in the room.

The first presentation was given by Steve Clarke of Eureka Sales. Steve’s first action was to lay down some challenges to the room; the most interesting and likely most challenging being not to complain about anything for 7 days. Steve then covered a number around reaching out and listening to you market and the customer experience.

Next up was Phil Jones, who gave a very passionate talk on taking action, making your own luck and the 7 principles the he attributes to success. Main take out… JFDI

Third up was an interesting presentation by Katie Hart of Rhetonic on the bioligical (Buy-ological) differences between the male and female brain and how they impact the decision making and buying processes in both sexes. Very useful information to apply to all channels of communication.

Kriss Akabusi and Rob Cameron (Ignition Coaching)

After an informative presentation on how dogs were being trained to detect and help people with a number of medical conditions by Medical Detection Dogs, the next business focused presentation on technology trends and how they are affecting engagement and the customer experience. The growth of the social enterprise being a particular focus for Matt Poyiadgi from Pearson VUE.

Confrontation resolution and how it can reduce cost to companies and the economy was the focus of the next session with Jane Gunn “The Corporate Peacemaker”

By far the most humourous and energetic presentation came from Steve Head, a high performance specialist. Steve’s Geordie accent, ‘performance’ and speed of delivery added a high level of entertainment to the important topic of building confidence and self-belief in poor performing individuals and teams.

After a generous lunch, the afternoon commenced with a choice of 3 workshop sessions from 6. Each of the business presenters providing additonal information to build on their earlier sessions.

The day wrapped up with speeches from 3 accomplished sports people.

  • Bobby White who was Captain of the London 2012 GB men’s Handball team
  • Ebony Rainsford-Brent who captained England’s ladies cricket team to win the world cup in 2009
  • and

  • Mark Colbourne MBE who won a Gold Medal for the individual pursuit at the London 2012 Paralympic Games

All of their stories shared common themes of determination, pushing to their limits, overcoming obstacles and the power of focussing on the big picture and the end goal. Mark’s story was particulary inspiring, detailing his journey from being able bodied up until 2009, breaking his back in a paragliding accident and how he went from thinking he may never walk again to Olympic glory in 2012. It would not do his story justice to try to recite it hear. A truly inspirational and amazing man.

In summary, an amazing day, surrounded by amazing people. So much given, so many examples of how having a dream, goals, taking action and persistence can pay dividends.

Get out there and do it!