Doing the Double

This is a break from the normal business or success planning type of post that I normally write. I would like to share something personal with you on this occasion and tell you more about a charity fundraising campaign that I am currently doing. It is not often that I personally raise money for charity, I often donate to others who are doing challenges and stretching themselves to raise money for good causes. The last fundraising campaign I undertook was when I ran my first marathon, the Virgin London Marathon, in 2011.

Doing the Double

As I have said above, I do not raise money for charity often. I, like you and many others, raise money for charities that support causes that are close to my heart. I also only request donations or sponsorship for things that I have not done before, that stretch me in one way or another. This year’s challenge is no exception, the challenge that I have coined “Doing the Double”

The challenge is as follows:

  • In June, I am going to do a free fall parachute jump. I am going to train to do an AFF Level 1 jump, my first ever free fall jump. An event that will certainly get the adrenalin flowing
  • In August, I am going to complete an olympic distance triathlon. Consisting of a 1500m open water swim, 40km cycle ride and a 10km run, this will be my first ever triathlon and as such presents a new challenge. As does the ramp up to swimming that distance and swimming in open water

Why am I “Doing the double”?

In Mid-2012 my Dad, who has always been a strong and fit man, was diagnosed with Leukaemia. This came as a complete shock to my whole family and I. During the final half of 2012 my father underwent a course of chemotherapy in an attempt to tackle his Leukaemia. Unfortunately, the chemotherapy was not successful. However, thankfully my Dad is still with us and doing his utmost to live as fuller life as the disease and risks associated with it will allow.
Doing the double for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research
My Dad’s plight has inspired me to undertake the challenge. I want to raise funds to help people like my father and countless others, so I am raising money for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research to help in the fight against the disease.

15 weeks

The challenge will be complete in around 15 weeks time. In that time I am going to achieve two firsts for me. I have the AFF Level 1 course booked and have my training plan to prepare me for the triathlon. In the next 15 weeks, I will post updates and information on how my training is going and the completion of the challenges

Like to donate?

If you’d like to support me in my challenge and help to raise funds to support research into treatments for Leukaemia and Lymphoma please visit my JustGiving page here.

Alternatively, you can donate from your mobile by texting RCDD67, followed by an amount in pounds (£1, £2, £3, £5, £10) to 70070. e.g. RCDD67 £5

Keep your eyes peeled for updates and see how I am progressing